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Xray eyes

1. I'm secretly a terrible cutter. I hide the ones on my thigh as best as I can, but someone always sees and asks. I have cuts all over my right hand, two on my left wrists, and around 40 that have faded on my right wrist. My thigh has well over 60. I use a razor blade. I break them off of the razors you use to shave your legs, etc. When I'm angry, I push the razor down harder and then slice, causing it to be deeper.

2. I have a small amount of my own blood from cutting that is around 4 months old. It smells terrible.

3.I am attracted to older men, and I undress people, regardless of who they are, with my eyes. Whether they being my family, old, man or women, black, white, asian, indian. I picture them naked.

4.I want a pen pal.

5. I want to lose my virginity this week to this guy going to college.

Bonus: This is my 3rd time posting. I'm 24

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