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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Yes, they would miss you

1. My girlfriend of 4 yrs thinks that I've been faithful this whole time when in reality I've cheated lots of times she's just never caught me.

2. I thought I was in love with her, but I just feel so bad for her so I stick around out of pity. I think I'm more afraid that she will try to do something to harm herself if I was to leave her.

3. When I need to pass gas and I'm out in public I try to walk into an empty aisle so that no one will smell it...they can be pretty bad sometimes like rotten eggs...

4. I'm afraid of death, but I'm always thinking of the way that it's going to happen to me. I wonder if my family and friends would really miss me?

5. I've been molested more than once, but I've always been too scared to tell anyone. So I've learned to supress my feelings about it, and I don't think about it anymore. I would never wish any of the people that did this to me harm, but I just found out that one of them is in jail dying of cancer. 

P.S. if you're wondering yes I am a guy and I have been molested when I was younger...sometimes with these posts it's unclear if the person posting is male or female.

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