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20 years in the closet

1. I am a closet bi-sexual guy who has been married 20 years and wish I could tell my wife but I'm afraid she would be too upset. I have had only a few experiences but really enjoyed performing oral.

2. I secretly love to wear my wife's panties & lingerie.  My wife knows but acts like she doesn't really like it.  She even went with me years ago to pick some panties out for me.  I have also fucked my wife while wearing her lingerie.  She won't wear it so I might as well. I just love the feeling.

3. I really want to fuck my wife's twin.  I had chances to many years ago and I didn't do it.  Now I really regret it.  She is very sexy & petite.

4.  I love my family and my life but if I had it to do over again I would have left town in my late teens and started living life as a T-girl on hormones just being slutty and enjoying my sexuality with whomever I want.  I envy some of these hot young T-girls who have guys & girls wanting them.

5.  I was only 9 when I started eating my older sister's pussy.  She was also one of my first fucks when I was 13 and I came inside her and got her pregnant so she had an abortion.  I wish I knew more then so we could have done so much more.  She was only a few years older and we both enjoyed eachother so much and loved one another.  It was really beautiful and I wish I could have married her.  I miss her so much!

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