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Because it's better than the alternative

1. i absolutely hate crying in public, so everyone assumes that i'm happy. in reality - im scared shitless.
2. i'm scared that i'm becoming emotionally empty. i cant cry, i cant remember the last true laugh i've had, and i am tired of pretending that i give a shit about you and your problems.
3. i posted a really embarrassing secret on here, and she found it. it was sheer dumb luck that she found it, but its okay... i'm a really good liar.
4. when i was younger, i used to pray that i was killed by either a bad car accident or cancer.    i'm still waiting for that day.
5. this entire post i listened to Hands by Jewel on repeat 4 x's.

**bonus: i really hate it when people leave sad and depressing secrets - we get, life sucks ..... than why am i doing it?

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