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Burning loyalty

1. I always despised it, but as I get older I often wonder what it would have been like to marry for money (I did not!). I know it would not be fulfilling, but it must be nice to never have to worry about money.

2. I rehabilitate animals, and I often find myself trying to rehab people too. 

3. I have a soft spot for the underdogs- whether they be animal or human. 

4. I never finished college, and I won't ever volunteer that bit of info. I got so bored. I often think of going back (online courses due to my schedule), but I would not know what to major in. I majored in psych 10 years ago, but after college I ended up in the veterinary field for 10 yrs. Maybe just finish the psych degree, since I have so much invested?? I don't know what the point would be though otherwise? Maybe business or something I could actually apply somehow. 

5. My ex best friend chose her asshole bf over me, and it really broke my heart. We were so close, and I feel like it was all for nothing :(  This is why I don't have many close friends. I don't trust people. I'm loyal to a fault and it burns me. 

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