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I'm NOT prepared

I am madly and deeply in love with my ex. we broke up. we just had different pathways that we want to follow right now. Usually when people travel different ways they tend to never see each other ever again or meet up in the future. That's what I hope for. I hope to see my ex in the future. 

I'm planning on be single while I attend college. That's 4 FRIKIN YRS! I hope I can do this. I just hate the people who say they'll do something and they won't end up doing it. But who's to judge, I do the same thing. 

I'm waiting for my ex. These feelings just won't ever go away. I feel like I'm doing the wrong thing and I shouldn't wait I should just move on. But I felt like we had a really great relationship.  Well for the most part. I really connected with him. 

Were still friends. Sometimes I dream at night that he drives up in my driveway with roses and asks me back, and then I jump into his arms and give him the biggest hug and kiss him like CRAZY! Then we run away together. 

I want to be his wife. Gosh, I know that sounds insanely crazy to all of you who are reading this. But hey, it's the truth. Deal with it..  I don't want to get married now. Not ready. But when we first started dating I could already see us getting married in the future. I'm not the one to plan out my wedding and all that stuff. I just have dreams. I'm a dreamer and I want to chase after them. 

I know this says only 5 secrets but I have a 6th. Sometimes I wish I were living in a make believe world with the one person I loved and we could chase after our dreams together without anything getting in our way. Yes I know you say it would get boring. But how? If your with the person you truly love with all your heart for the rest of your life and you didn't have to work, all you were doing was chasing after your dreams. Wouldn't you be the happiest person alive?

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