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Fighting to dine at her Y

I remember when I was younger I was molested by my older boy cousin all the time. I remember he use to make me dry hump him until he came. Grosses me out that he did that and no one 
Knows about it.

I have been in a relationship for 4 years now. He is great, we have 2 kids together. The thing is marriage has never came
Up. To our friends and family we have a perfect relationship. 
We are far from it. We argue everyday. I fear we are coming to a end soon. Iam 23 and he is27.

I got so fed up of men, I slept with one female. Current boyfriend caused me to do it. It was great. I ate her pussy like a champ. She ate me like a pro. Then we rubbed our hot, wet, juicy pussys together and got pure bliss. Her boyfriend does not know. He can't get her wet like I did. My pussy throbbing thinking about the whole thing...
I would love to fuck another female or possibly have a threesome with her nman. Iam afraid to ask my man.

I have 2 children they are 4 and 2 and they drive me crazy. I get so overwhelmed at times idk what to do. I love them to life death, but damn can I get a break?

My bf does not know I have a cougar coming later to eat me out while he is asleep. Pussy dripping thinking about her and Her husband how I can have them whipped over this cat. They argued about who would suck my pussy first.

[Sorry for the edit, haha, you'd be the first. -K]

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