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If that's not reality, who needs reality?

As a teenager I let my younger step brother eat my pussy while I pretended to be asleep. I liked it would walk by his door, naked, at night to try to intice him. I'm sure he knew I wasn't asleep but we've never talked about it.

I think I'm hot. Okay that's not really the secretive part but I think everyone is always checking me out. I'm not gorgeous or anything, but I am confident. Seriously, no 
matter where I am, its in my head people around me are thinking how hot I am.

I think I'm bi. I'm definately bi curious. I've never been with a girl but would love to someday. Women are beautiful creatures and I get so turned on by a hot girl. My biggest fantasy is having a 3some with a gorgeous girl and her sexy man. But id never allow another woman in my own relationship. 

I almost called off my wedding 9 years ago. I was young and just kept thinking of all the
things I hadn't experienced yet. Sex with othe
r people. Traveling solo and having a vacation fling. Maybe dating girls. I ultimately went through with it and I still question my decision to this day. I hated people telling me I was too young to marry but you know what? They were right. 11 total years with this man and I'm 
still unhappy.

I've never cheated on my husband. I tried recently and went as far as meeting him in some cheap motel. We did mess around a little and my body wanted his ridgid cock inside my dripping 
pussy. But my brain fucking got in the way, reminding me of my marriage and the life we've built. I didn't completely sever ties with mystery man though, in case I change my mind. Idk, maybe I'm not as unhappy as I thought. Will I ever know true happiness? Or is that not reality?

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