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If you don't have your own balls, borrow someone else's

I never thought I would but I enjoy sucking some cock...

Life is hard sometimes. People shit on the nice caring loving people like myself. I am not thw doormat at my front door.  I have a huge heart!  I guess no matter how people say they are different some people just don't change.  I am married and have been for almost 12 yrs, my hubby took advantage of me for many yrs until a guy. Friend gave me the balls to stand up for myself.....thank you to my friend...

I hate my feet, I think nice feet make a man sexier.  

I want to do so many naughty things to my guy friend, but ..... I wanna explore with him....omg just thinking bout it gets me so wet..

I have had more orgasms in my sleep and wake up touching hubby hasn't ever made me orgasm.

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