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Monday, September 20, 2010

ISO Positive vibe merchants

1) I'm still missing my ex. We don't have any communication with each since da break up in June....we were together for a year in a half, but Idk if I still wanna be wit her or just wanna fuck her!

2) the other day I changed my voice and acted like another girl just too talk too my I'm not crazy but it felt so right & wrong I'm so confused!

3) I have a boyfriend he's a great dude but I hate having sex wit I tend too cheat here & there!

4) I smoke weed...I slowed down a lot but I get in my moods wen I need too smoke but sometimes I feel weird wen I'm high lol but weed makes me think clearly! 

5) I need a change in my life a big change I don't feel da need too go out too clubs or parties anymore and I started too cut off my friends....I kinda like being by myself & I'm not depressed or anything I'm happy I think I need more positive people in my life! 

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