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Less than mutually satisfying

5. My boyfriends sister harrassess me and I don't want to hurt him by telling her how I really feel about her. I despise her with everything in me. Vif i NEVER see her again it'll be wayyy to soon. She threatens to beat me up.. she has two kids and ill call the police and Cas in a second, I don't have to get beaten up just because she way bigger then me.
4. I masterbate a lot because my boyfriend and I don't have sex often, although when we do I dont get off either. Its not his fault though, I can only get off to nonstop clit pressure and hes more of the get off turn over kinda guy. 
3. I don't mind giving him head, but I wish he could understand that I would like to get off sometimes too.
2. I go crazy when I dont have pot, not because I need it, I want it so bad that id probably do anything for it. With limits of course.
1. I want to be totally and completely sexually satisfied, I would never cheat or anything like that, I love my boy friend way too much.. sometimes I do wish we would go to couples sexuality counselling just to see if they might help. But if I do, what would he think?

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