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Lotta fear for a little love

1) I am thinking seriously of rekindling a relationship with my ex and that scares me to death for so many reasons.
2) We are going to have to talk about alot of things if this happens. First thing being that we are going to have to accept the fact that we have different parenting methods. Doesn't mean one is wrong but just means we are different. 
3) Second I really can see that he has done an amazing job controlling his temper recently but I am still scare of the outbursts. I haven't seen one recently but I am not with him all the time. I know he can't get better overnight but I am glad to see him progressing and trying. 
4) Also I have a great fear that he isn't going to completely trust me because of certain situations and he is going to be very possessive since we aren't living together. Although he may try to talk me into moving in I can't for a long time. I have to feel like I am independent. I love that feeling. 
5) I will never ever cheat on him. I never have cheated on anyone until I started dating someone else after I left him and I went back to him periodically. The only reason I did that is because I knew that my heart was still with him. It was not with the new guy. I wake up thinking about this man. I go to bed thinking about this man. I love this man with all my heart. I have never felt like him about anyone else. Oh yeah, did I mention this scares the shit out of me?  

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