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Making her own way

I'm a tomboy who likes girls, pshh that ain't my secret tho. Something you might wanna know before I tell you my secret. Okay here goes.

1) Nobody in my family knows except cousins that I've dated girls, but I think only two were pretty much the serious ones. 

2) I had a girlfriend who was eight years older than me and she was straight and my teacher.

3) I haven't had sex with any Guy and I don't plan on doing so. 

4) I'd rather have a career as a musician, but I also wanna be a nurse.

5) I come from a rich family and I know I could get money easily, but I'd rather strive working for my own money.. weeeeeird I know.

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  1. 1) Eventually you will have to tell your family if you plan to continue to only be with girls. Its a hard thing to do but if you are going to be in a long term relationship with anyone I am sure you are going to want to take them around your family. Don't you think your family may begin to question why you don't have boyfriends?
    2) Not a good idea to get involved with a teacher. I have a friends that is in major trouble now because she was with a student. She has a master's degree in math and can never teach again. Poor decision on a teacher's part.
    3) I think that every woman should be with a man once just to see how the experience is.
    4) You could always do both nursing and music. Be a nurse during the week and play music on the weekends.
    5) It is not weird at all that you want to take care of yourself. It's called being independent. I am sure your family appreciates that about you. Being independent rocks.


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