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Not a party girl

1. im starting university in a week and i'm SO scared. call it first day jitters. everyone keeps telling me that in uni i'll be able to party hard and it'll be so easy. is it so bad that i actually just care about working and projects?

2. i still hate my ex in the worst way. but i'd love to know how to let go of the anger so that he has no hold over me. i want him to be dead to me.

3. i used to self harm. sometimes i wonder if i'd ever be tempted to do it again.

4. im desperate to lose weight but i get so discouraged when i work my ass off and nothing improves :(

5. most of the guys ive ever been involved with, i've met online. nobody ever (well nobody nice, hah) ever approaches me in real life. i wonder why.

****bonus**** your site is amazing. THANK YOU.

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