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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Reality better than fantasy

1. I am in the best mood today...I find it hard to get my mind off of him.  I hate that.  He broke my heart a long time ago, but I think this go round I feel like I broke his heart.  You see I am married, and we just could not be together. 

2.  Do men think about women and lost love and what could have been as much as women do?  I have so many random questions to ask a man just because.

3.  I have been married for almost 12 yrs, i am JUST NOW letting myself open up sexually with my husband.  It took another man to make me feel like i have NEVER felt before, to make me understand that it is okay to be a little wilder in bed...THANK YOU!! 

4. to have your heart broken is not just your heart broken, it feels like everything in your whole body is broken.  It sucks.  I wish I could get over these feelings.  I will though.  Things are for sure getting better.

5.  I dont have any fantasies about wanting to sex it with the opposite sex, the only thing that i fantasize about his bed and having him inside me thrusting hard while getting after it with him hands on my clit, or my sucking him while his fingers are doing the fucking making me need to cum and it run down his balls.  yum yum.... (too bad that is not a fantasy, I am just reliving it in my mind) 

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  1. 2- I lost my love over 2 years ago and have still been thinking about her constantly, and there is no way she can be with me again. I know this but I'm still fighting. Even a %1 possibility is enough to fight for her.

    and not all men care about love because they don't know what it is.


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