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There's no such thing as movie love

I thought that i was over my ex but im really not. I thought if i told my friends that i was fine and was over her and ready to date other people i would be fine. Guess i was wrong.

Im madly in love with peanut butter at a jar the other day.

My ex was the first one i had did anything with, sex, kissing, or anythign else. 

Me and my ex still talk, she has sex with someone else. The thought of her doing anything with someone else makes me sick to my stomach, because she did that i dont know if i even honestly want her back.  I guess because she was my first and i wasnt hers. I dont think she wants me anymore, sexually.

Movies and songs about love, i come to find as nothing but total and complete bullshit. I use to love movies like that i am slowly starting to hate them!

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