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Threeway liability

I have to be quick. My husband and I had a three sum with the same girl twise and he has now told me that he loves her too but he loves me more and now I've come to find out that she likes him too

I hate my self he told me all the time I. Was all he needed then since he never was with anyone else and I had sleep with a few I thought that I would let him sleep with me and another girl now I regreat it.

I'm scard he will leave me or stop loving me but I hate them both for chating behind my back I found out on my own and then he told me he loves her to.

I used to be all you need now you want more from me you greedy bastard you want to sleep with her again I fucking hate you I've done so much for you and I feel like shit there is no way I could ever tell you this because I don't want to hurt you I'm so stupid.

I hate my job with a passion

I'm just not happy any more I'm hurt all the time the only thing that makes me happy is seeing my baby girl smile I love you holly I just don't know what to do any more I love him to death but its breaking my heart that I know he loves another woman it was supose to be just a fuck not let's fall in love with the woman if I knew that was going to happen I never would have let it happen

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