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Who doesn't love warm carrots

1.  I love watching a man who wears slacks. Especially pin stripe. It just accents the great arse and big package. Especially if they r older and the balls show when they sit down or bend over.
2.  I will purposely put myself next to another guy in the bathroom urinals just so I can get a chance to look at his dick and watch him pee.
3.  Because I am really tall and have a big ass, people will hug my and leave their hand resting on my arse and I love it. As well random strangers will rub past me to get a feel. Fondle me all u want. 
4. I like being in congested areas where I can rub against people and feel their butts and stuff. 
5. I sometimes fuck myself in the arse with a warmed up carrot. Haven't gone up to using a cucumber yet but am trying.   

Extra,    I am only 16

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  1. 1. You are so specific about your fetishes. Wow.
    2. I am sure you are not the only bi or homosexual man that purposely tries to look at other guys dicks in a public restroom.
    3. Having a big ass does make it easier to get fondled.
    4. I have never purposely rubbed someone in a crowded place although it's very easy to do. At least you don't have social anxiety, then you might never get to touch a stranger's ass.
    5. Why not just get a dildo? Oh, yeah I see your extra. You are only 16. Kinda hard to access a dildo right now.


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