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You could always leave the boyfriend anyway

1. I dated guys then I started dating girls and living as a lesbian then I went back with my ex that I'm currently with but I'm always thinking about girls....I love him and want to be with him but i dont know why I still want to be with a girl
2. i don't knw if I'm an alcoholic I love to drink and be drunk. my mom doesn't know any of this
3.I hate my ex bestfriend she is a back stabbing bitch and I think she is trying to get with my boyfried she is an attention whore. and she is talking to three guys and a girl stupid slut.
4. i am so uncomforable in my body i don't wear short clothes evryone tells me I'm fine the way I am by I want to make myself throw up everyday I eat and want to become bulimic.
5. I really do love girls there so sexy I wish i could just find a great girl so I could leave my boyfriend. he isn't worth my time anymore he doesnt do anything for me and he is so selfish 

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  1. Bulimia's not worth it.
    I know how you feel about women, I do too. But I find myself caught up with a jerk that probably doesn't deserve me.
    I hate my body too.
    Be happy, somehow.


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