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The best of both worlds

D. My wife stuck her finger in my ass a few weeks ago while she was giving me one of the best blow jobs she's ever given me. I jumped up and almost slapped the hell out her. Not cool... or so I thought.

I. A few days later, I got curious and I asked her to do it again but to warn me when she was going to do it. It felt weird at first but now it's a regular part of our sex life.

L. We are planning to go and get a dildo or a strap-on soon. I'm nervous but so excited to get fuck by my beautiful wife.

D. I've been watching a lot of bi-sexual and tranny porn. I came across pictures and videos of this tranny, Mariana Cordoba, who is absolutely gorgeous and has a huge cock. I can't stop looking at her pics. My wife knows I watch porn and doesn't mind it, but she doesn't know that I have been watching this kind. I wonder what she would think.

O. I feel guilty every time I cum after masturbating to tranny porn. The feeling goes away right after and I am disgusted with myself for having thoughts of sucking on a big "girl dick". I never had these thoughts before the fingering and I think that's what triggered it. I still have sex with my wife... awsome sex. I do all kinds of freaky things to her. She's just opened my eyes to a whole new way of thinking about sex and I hope she's down to do some freaky things to me and be completely open to my new found fetish and doesn't judge me for it.

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