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Doctors can't help if they don't know you're sick

I met a guy at a restaurant I eat at a lot, and he is super cute!

He really really likes me and I think I like him too.  But I'm too scared to get into another relationship again.

I still love my ex very much.  I miss him so much every day and it kills me that he's prolly completely over me by now.  I still think of him.

My parents really like this guy too!  I think they like him more than me.  He's great though because he's the same age as me (21) and he just seems perfect.  But I don't know if he'll ever understand me like my ex use to.  Me and him had a special bond.

Today I had another doctors app.  I lied and told her I was doing great! I'm not, I'm still depressed.

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: straight

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