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Fall in love with yourself first

1.) I'm am constantly searching for love all the time. I want a serious relationship with someone I love but that's never possible. 
2.) My best friends all left me. They were like my sisters. I don't know who to go to as a friend anymore. Everyone seems to. Be fake.

3.) Girls get hit on by guys so many times and I never get hit onn, I feel ugly and useless and sometimes I get so angry with my self I want to punch a mirror. I hate my physical apperance.

4.) I hate my life. I hate how I don't have anyone. I hate how my parents doont like me. I hate my bestfriends. I have the world. But in reality, I just hate me.

5.) Sometimes I wanna break down and cry. I've been having to keep a straight face forever.
I can't do this anymore. 

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