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Five Secrets Pro for Android!

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Thank you Android users for being so patient all this time -- your day has arrived! Five Secrets Pro is now available in Android Market!

Just as with the iPhone version, Five Secrets Pro for Android allows users to view ALL the secrets, search for their favorite secrets, check out secrets by category, and includes links to twitter, facebook, the store, the forum, and to submit. Go get it! Get it right now! :)

Enjoy, tell your friends, and keep submitting your secrets! Thanks everyone!


PS: I have received reports from a couple of Android users that their transaction freezes during authorization, and won't finish downloading. It's made extra annoying by the fact that their credit cards appear to be charged already. Please rest assured that this is a known issue with Android Market that occurs sporadically with paid apps, and it has nothing to do with Five Secrets or the new app.

If it happens to you:
1. Turn your phone off completely.
2. Restart your phone.
3. Go back to the downloads section of Android market.
4. Select the app, and it should finish the download & install process right away.

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