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Giving better than he got

1. I lie. I lie about everything to everyone...I'm a habitual pathological liar and have no idea why. I lie about where I'm from, my jobs, my experience, being rich, being faithful, and I lie about caring for people when in truth I truly don't care about anyone.

2. I'm happily married to a beautiful loving woman...but I've never been faithful. We have been together 8 years. I even cheated on her the night I proposed. I want to stop...but its so hard.

3. I used to think about suicide daily. I got really depressed because of my back/neck pain. Over 20 doctors and 3 surgeries with no relief.

4. I am on heavy doses of pain killers to make life bearable. I am addicted to the meds. They don't help with the pain...just sedate me. Without the meds I can't ignore the pain and can't walk. I need them...but I don't like having a physical addiction to them. Can't help it.

5. I was raped by my sister and mother at the same time. My cousins (male) used to force me to give and receive head. I've never told anyone.

Bonus; I am a therapist who does addictions/ co-occuring, mental illness and family counselling. I want to help others so that they don't have to feel the pain that I feel.

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