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Gut instincts gone wrong

1. I love my boyfriend with all my heart. I can't even explain how I feel about him. I know that some people are disappointed in me for going back to him, but I can't help myself.
2. Although I love him with all my heart I am still scared of getting hurt again. Every time something happens that I know he would have gotten pissed about six months ago, I cringe. However he doesn't react the same. I hope he never sees the fear on my face. 
3. Eventually I will learn that he isn't going to explode like he use to. I can already see a huge improvement. I am so proud of him.
4. Although alot of people were questioning my going back to him everyone has been very open to it. No one has treated him badly or said anything wrong to him. That makes me happy. 
5. Although he has done good the past few weeks, I still have that pain in my gut that tells me he is going to go right back to the way he was. I wish someone could tell me how to let that feeling go. I love this man and I don't want to constantly be doubting him. 

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