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Healthy moms are good moms

1 I emotionally abuse my husband because I loath myself and hope that someday he will leave me for someone better. I am also terrified of being hurt because I know I deserve everything I get.

2 if I knew that I could get away with it I would torture and kill my brother, I hate him so much for what he did to me and how he continues to act everyday.

3 tons of people are constantly telling me how pretty I am... honestly I think I'm kind of average in the face but I am disgusted by my post pregnancy body.

4. Everyone thinks I am a recovering anorexic but the only reason I eat is because I am breast feeding and want my little girl to be healthy.

5. I am constantly pushing my husband and everyone else away, especially when they try to touch me or give me a hug, but I yearn to be held and loved. I am sick of him touching me only to have crappy sex... also sex disgusts me now because of this.

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: bisexual

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