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Ipecac has nothing on this

1. Ahhhhh I'm so fuckin lonely right now.  I could have a bf but im in the fuckin closet.  It's killing me.  I have so much love to give and I wanna do the date thing movies dinner all that stuff.  I'm also black, but I only like white guys yeah I know goodluck right?

2. I fuckin hate when men shave their pubes off. white guys' pubes and armpit hair are so sexy.  I think I like their leg hair too and hair on their asses.  Oh and I absolutely looooooove happy trails.  If ur an in the closet white non flaming gay guy between the ages of 20-27 that lives in pa and you like black guys you need to leave me your email on here somehow haha sorry K ill never do that again I promise.

3. This guy that mows my grass is so sexy so next time hes over here mowing im getting but naked and going by the window to jack off.  I will make sure he sees me too.

4. I hate onions, pussy, and mayo all the same.  I'm 100 percent sure I'd throw up if I ate either of the 3.

5.  I'm a top but I wouldn't mind being versatile.

bonus....I would love to see justin bieber naked.  I love when he wears tight pants. Him and the jonas brothers which btw he replaced this year.

Bonus #2 hey if the one percenter guy is still out there can u let someone know.  I've been concerned ever since he said he'd be dead by the time we read his secrets.

[Admin here --

I posted a while back about people leaving emails in their posts -- I don't remove emails from posts anymore unless it looks like the person is only leaving the email for me (i.e., without comment at the end of the post), as opposed to for readers. So solicit sexy sedated white boys all you want, honey. 

Also, I've never understood the Bieber thing, but I'm an old lady I guess. 

And finally, your number four made me LOL. Hilarious. I'm so glad it's not everyone ;)


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