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The kind of cocky we should all be

I am that friend that ppl dont like to call to hang cause Im not that exciting,they dont say it but i have sensed it.

there is very few friends where i can be myself and not worry about the things i do or say.I wish the world was not quick to judge on my antics and label me a loser.

this girl i really care about seems to have stopped talking to me.i guess i was to slow to act on. i have to other girls lined up but she is the one i want to pursue and have something serious.hmm mayb i can get her attention back.

Its 4am and Im listening to Adams song by blink.that song gave me the urge to come here...its a sad and powerful song.I was young when i thought of suicide,I actually had a date to do it.thing is things came up that were way worth living for.I found beauty in da simplest things which made ALL the those thinking of suicide you should listen to the song.

There is a warrant out for my arrest.

*bonus*Im not cocky or outspken but i know with focus i can achieve the thigns in life i want.girl, I will have u 1 day in my arms and I...I write too much...ill save wa i got left for another day. thank you K.

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