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Raising your parents

1] I HATE my brothers girlfriend with a passion! She's always at my house, and thinks we're best friends. Recently she got in trouble with my mom and now she wont talk to me because apparently its my fault. Well she choses to come to my house, eat the food I cook, but she wont talk to NOT disrepect me in my own house like that! When I see her car in the driveway I dread coming home, but I'm not going to be run out of my own house by some stupid bitch with a Kermit voice.

2] Before I started school, I "dumped" [for lack of a better word] one of my best friends, by personal choice...she deleted me from facebook [big whoop] but left my family on there, now my parents always ask me where she moved to and how shes enjoying school when they know full well she and I don't talk. I hope she'll read this, and I hope she knows it's me, so if that's the case, either keep in touch with them or just get out of our life completely...please.

3] Last December I royally screwed up with the love of my life, and recently he started talking to me again. He said he wants to be with me again but he wants to give us time to catch up. He is literally the ONLY thing I care about anymore and he told me I'm trying "too hard" NOT to lose him when I never lost him in the first place, but I'm terrified of screwing up again. He doesn't know that for the past ten months I've been suicidal because I thought he was gone and to lose him again would be the death of me...

4] I cry so much. I try and try and try to be happy all the time, and on the outside you'd think I'm the happiest person alive, but when I drive home from school 90% of the drive I'm crying. If I watch a movie I cry at the dumbest things. Everything makes me cry now. I'm going to the doctors for anti-depressants and I really hope they help becuase something's gotta give at this point.

5] I'm 17...almost 18...and I feel like I'm a 30 year old single mom...I clean, cook, do all the errands, and tend to everyone's needs, even my own moms....I feel like I missed out on my youth and while everyone my age is out having fun and partying I have to be at home to take care of my family.

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