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The right to be happy

1. I hate men who lie, my actual boyfriend is a lie master he lies all the time of course he keeps our relationship hidden from all the people he knows for 3 1/2 yrs now.
2. Does he love me? Noo don't think so why hide his reasons u don't understand or believe for that matter.
3. I've kicked him out so many times he says he will leave the day he dies by then what for we will be condemned we argue so much and we disrespect each other so much I don't want this any more I've told him but he says everything will be better, i feel so used ,so frustrated.
4. I feel that u should have an affair u get invitations to go out and never do I'm a faithful person but i think I should I've got the right to be happy I hold back a lot 
5. I'm scared of what he might do.

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