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Straight bait

Me and this guy at work have so much in common...he's a younger version of me there's one thing about me he doesn't know but I'm wondering if were keeping the same secret from each other.

My life must start changing before I look up and become one of those vh1 behind the music people...the ones who had it all and then lost it because they have an image they need to obtain.

I am no longer attracted to females...I just like all the info they tell me...I think people are suspecting that I'm gay lol its getting harder and harder to hide...I'm not a flamer but I feel like I'm under a microscope

This if for the straight guys and I should've put it first....put ur pride aside and try a guy...these women are fucking playing every single one of y'all...I was skeptical at first but trust me all the shit these females tell me makes glad I'm u know how many of my gf's helped me bait a straight guy...they'll do anything for a chick lmao...u desperate ass straight guys

If the person from number on turns out to play on my side I just found my soulmate :) 

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