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Versatility is never a bad thing

I want everyone to have a crush on me. Everyone. Not a crush but just really like and appreciate me. I'm a 18 year old guy. Sometimes I feel like they do and then I feel weird depending on how they look. I feel bad for it, but it kinda makes me mad when people I consider ugly are the ones to like me. And I'm not even shallow..

I dont like it when I hear hot sex stories, or something that turns me on...I feel like I'm missing out.

I like relationships and the thought of them. Id like an older strong man to take care of me, or an experienced beautiful older woman, a hot boy I can make happy, or a pretty sexy girl I can choose to spoil. I feel that I am very versatile and have a wide range of options. I wish I could somehow live all of these. But how could they all ever be something serious? Life isn't that long, and neither will my looks be...

I'm very scared of being a failure when I'm older, or a loser.

I honestly don't like soo much about you..but I really really want to fuck the shit out of you. ;)

Gender: male
Sexual Orientation: other

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