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* I have a major crush on someone i don't even know real life. Yeah, an online friend, who is like a million miles away. I can't seem to stop thinking about that jerk.
* My life is fked up plain boring. My love life is a mess, im going to fail my finals, and pretty much, 2010 is an unlucky year for me..
*I hate that there is stereo-type people who think that all muslims/islams are bad, like, all of them are terrorist or whatever it is. And they look down on them. I mean, come on, they are humans too.
*Some of the secrets on here really make me hot.
*I think that people who post secrets about them wanting to kill themselves, secretly still wanna live. If they wouldn't, they would just jump off a building or whatever, end of story. They still want people to listen to them and still feel that there is still hope. Life still goes on. So, just hang in there. I love the fact that you, k, leave long comments and advice for the puplishers who have thoughts of suicidal. I think you've helped a lot of people. Thank you.
Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: straight

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