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Admin Here -- Impending Vacation

Hi All --

I'm going on a much needed vacation this weekend and will be without internet access from 12/5-12/12. To make sure that you all still have secrets to read while I'm gone, this week (beginning with yesterday's submissions), I am going to post the first three submissions received each day and schedule the extras to be posted while I'm out of town. So this means two things for you all:

1. If you submit this week before Friday, your post may not be up until sometime next week. Or it may go up within 48 hours as usual. The content of the secrets has nothing to do with which ones will be delayed, so don't be insulted OR overjoyed if yours waits until next week.

2. If you submit while I'm gone, your submission will be posted at some point between the morning of 12/12 and the evening of 12/15. That probably also means that there will be a LOT of submissions going up in that couple of days. Bonus!

To those who are delayed -- I know it sucks to wait, but thanks for taking one for the team. Your submission means that thousands of addicted Five Secrets fans don't have to wait a week to get their fix while I take a little time to chillax.

Thanks, as always, to everyone who reads and submits!

Much Love,


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