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Bed head

I want a divorce but don't want to make things hard for my son who has autism. All she does is bitch! She doesn't even know what shut up means!

I wish I never met her. I love my son but if I could do it over, I would have never moved her out to California. I met her at a company retreat in Arizona and should have left it at that.

We don't have sex but she sucks my dick when I'm sleep and swallows it up. I guess because she thinks if I cum, I won't have the urge to cheat. Yeah right!

I've been texting a girl I've known for a long time and she wants to have an affair. I do too, but not with her. One of the girls in the office has been giving me looks and I want to put that pretty face to good use... ON MY DICK!!!

I went out to a club event with some buddies and ended up hooking up with a chick I met inside. She was so fine! I was nervous because I never cheated before and she was gorgeous. I killed it though. We fucked twice. Once in the car and once on her couch. I feel kind of guilty but what to you do when you're so unhappy at home. Its almost over anyway. I hope we can do it without making things hard on my kid.

Extra! I'm really not a bad guy. I'm just in the wrong situation. Never again though!

Gender: male
Sexual Orientation:straight

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