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A boyfriend I don't have

(11/15)It is officialy a goal in my life to join the military. Navy. Army Marines. Airforce. National Guard. I like the idea of standing up for and protecting my country.

I finaly "came out" to my mother... she was wondering why I didn't just spit it out. Honestly it was because I knew she would ask. "Should I be worried about you catching an STD?" And she shouldn't it's my problem if it should arive. I have a minor problem with respecting myself...

I know exactly how I will die. (Hopefully when I am in my 80's)

I hate reality television. It's a bad influence on people in general. I get that people can have a bad day.. But why the hell do you want to be a DICK/BITCH all the time it makes people (or maybe it's just me) want to physicaly harm and or kill you maybe hear that you died in a plane crash with your Prick-Bitch friends.. I want to introduce a boyfriend i don't have to my family

i hate reading sad secrets... i want to help them so much (thank you k we love you and god bless or whatever)

Gender: n/a
Sexual Orientation: gay

[When I read "god bless or whatever" I LOLd and read it to my roommate & friend. Thanks honey. I love you too.


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