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Comma Happy

1. Since last December I've changed, and with in the last four years I've especially changed. Everyone from distant friends, teachers, family, and even my best friend has pointed it out to me. I apparently sport the "Fuck you, I don't give" attitude. I see what they mean.

2. I don't consider myself a "funny person" and though most others do, and like all other "funny people", ahem, some?, I cover my negative feelings with humor, even if it's poor.
^ Comma happy?

3. I honestly do miss who I was, but I miss who the people were more.

4. I love getting under peoples' skin. It's insanely great! lmfao.

5. It's bothersome being a funks, it affects my art work. Sometimes I just wanna say shove it, but I have talent.

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: straight

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