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Five Secrets as a confessional

1. I've had sex with so many guys I can't remember how many there were. My brother was one of them, and I feel horrible about ruining his life that way. All because everyone when I was young told me I was gay. I have realized that I'm straight.
2. I finally found a girl I'm crazy about, but I had to break up her engagement to be with her. Now she has to get over her ex and find out what she wants from life before we can be together.
3. On the outside I'm the most posetive, caring person around, but on the inside I can't wait for life to be over. I always end up playing Dr. Phil to my friends so they can deal with their problems and I'm sick of it.
4. I can be dishonest and a thief although I refrain because society says it's wrong.
5. I hope this clears my conience.

Gender: male
Sexual Orientation: straight

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