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Hanging out with the wrong crowd

1. I had the perfect guy in my life.  To that point my life was good but I left him for someone else that cheated on me. I will never forgive myself for leaving him. He  is happily with someone else.
2. I consider myself to the extreme ugly. A lot of people tell me I'm one of the prettiest girls they know. I used to  think I was pretty but now i cry and wonder why my life is a complete mess.
3. I am with this guy only because I have noone else. He is cute and I like him but he is such an asshole. Everyone says  he is so nice but to me he is completely stupid and horny all the time. At times  i want to leave him but I'm scared I won't find someone else to like me even a little bit.
4. I am a 2-faced. I hate my friends and the people I hangout with.  I always wonder why I can't hangout with anyone better. I feel like all my friends are nothing to me.
5. I always wonder where I am going to end up in life, I am extremely scared of life. It would be simpler if i died. No one would care.

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: straight

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