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Hate the hate, not the haters

1) Fuckin haters make me sick to my fuckin stomach. I wish they would all fuckin die. They are lames, especially the fake ass bitches who claim to be so fuckin real. They are faker than jewelry sold outside on the streets of New York. I would love to eliminate all these clown ass mafuckas off the face of the earth because they dont deserve to be here.
2) I want to beat the shit out of a few family members, a friend and a few other lame ass niggas.
3) Ive been raped a few times by different people.
4) I honestly believe that I have one of the worst fuckin lives in the world. Nothing in my life goes right. Everythings shitty all the fuckin time.
5) Im one of the coolest and most kind hearted human being on this planet, but haters tend to keep me on my fuck it shit. Im out will post more later. KEEPING IT FUCKIN REAL....

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: straight

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