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The Lonely Mr. Softy

1.Im married.
...To my true love's best friend.
and it was all for money
now im stuck with a fukin arab who doesnt eat pussy and only lasts two minutes in bed,
with my true lve, he used to tear it up 5 times a day.

(i dont feel bad)

2. within the first week of my moving in into my new apartment, with my new arab husband, i was already fucking a new co our new apt.

3. and then within two weeks, i tried having ssex with a our new apt. i dont regret it at all.

4. so me n the chcik i fucked, humiliated some [young] guy because we convinced him to "have fun" with us but he was so scared, his dick never hardened...the entire night. so we moved him to the side to watch like a piece of shit and totally ignored him the entire night. hahahahaha

5. for being lazy, and leaving the batteries in my dildo, the batteries expired and spilled acid and rusted my dildo! now my friendly vibrating entertainment doesnt work! im pissed. but not as pissed as Mr. Softy, not so long ago. LMAO

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: straight

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