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Never to early to be a strong independent woman

1. I hate when someone tells me something I already know. For example my mom or dad will tell me the dishwasher is clean when I already knew that. I fell like punching the wall then bursting into tears. I don't know why I feel like that.
2. I have no friends. I have one or two but girls pissed me the fuck off. I like isolating myself. I do however have online friends. I can tolerate them. Heha. I don't mind being on my own.
3. I hate big white vans with the two tinted back windows because i think their teriosts or rapists.
4. In first grade I got a referral for writing a sex book. No one knows but my mom. Since then I thought something was wrong with me for thinking like that at six years old.
5. I've had two boyfriends. But the fact that they asked me out I stopped liking them. The thought of actually being wih someone terrifies me. I just don't have a huge attraction to guys. I'm not gay though. I don't even think about girls like that. I haven't been kissed or held a guys hand before. I put myself first and don't think I need a guy there. I like to get what I want and think a guy would hold me back from what I want. Yes,I'm selfish. BTW I'm only 14.

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: straight

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