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A trip to the toy store is in order

First I'm not who I seem to be although I'm a good person I have a dual sexual personality that scares me and would possibly scare most men. I am confused so I will start with number 5. I Think I may need professional help. Am I a oral fixated lesbian who wishes she was a shemale and likes guys but is afraid of relationships.

1.I Am very strong on the outside always giving relationship advice, but I am secretly scared tip death of falling in love with the guy I'm seeing. He May not feel the same or may break my heart later. I Haven't been in love for 23 years. I Have said it to men , but never felt it. Now I feel it but I'm scared I will my heart ripped apart.

2. I've cheated in every relationship I've had, but only after I find strong evidence they cheat on me, now I'm faithful but think I should cheat so I can have control of my feelings and ending this relationship on my own terms.

3. I'm Very kinky and I always have sexual thoughts mostly about dominating men. Where I 21st them like a woman. I often wish I had a penis but still be a woman.I Want to buy a strap on.most People believe I am always a good girl but I am a freak with people I trust.

4. I Love girls sexually I've only been with one as an adult. When I was 12 my friends sister had me lick her p but I didn't know what I was doing or ever heard of that before, now I wish I had another chance.I like giving but not  receiving even with men.and more then the genitals.  vt

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: n/a

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