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Why fear the truth?

I'm an attention whore. I love when people compliment me and tell me that I'm handsome. It makes me feel wanted. But I am also very insecure when I look in the mirror. I just don't see what they see.

I watch gay porn. Its what turns me on the most. I still love to see big asses and titties and watching hot girls get pounded. There's just something about a 2 guys fucking that makes me really horny.

I'm married but am having trouble supressing my homosexual desires. I love my wife and I love the female form. Its just every once in a while I have the urge to suck dick and get f'd by a man. She knows this and says she's okay with it so we incorporate this into our sex life. I think she's tired of it, even though I give her multiples and satisfy her quite nicely.

I regret telling her about my experimental stage when I sucked cock in high school and letting her finger fuck me for the first time, which led to the strap on. Now I feel like she thinks of me as less of a man. I just can't resist when she starts rubbing my asshole.

I fear that she will tell someone that I like dick if we should ever break up

Gender: male
Sexual Orientation: other

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  1. My boyfriend likes to be touched there, too. He apologizes for it, but I like making him feel good. You're wife should, too. I hope you do whatever makes you happy.

    Much love. <3


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