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Why would you feel responsible for that?

1. I am afraid i will never find a man that can make me happy and that i can forever be happy with. I feel that i am destined to be alone.
2. It is almost impossible for me to cry. I have closed myself off from my emotions in an attempt to bury my eternal pain.
3. I have obsessive thoughts of people i love dying. I have scenarios pop into my head of how i wil find out that my father has died and i hate thinking about it but can't stop.
4. If both of my parents were dead i would probably be in playboy by now.
5. My sisters husband came onto me when i was 13. He told me his feelings for me for months and said he saw me naked once. He took all his clothes off once while confessing his love for me. He expressed shame for doing that for years after, but I dont know how i could ever tell my sister this. He has a debilitating alcohol problem and is suicidal and i feel responsible.

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: straight

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