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Would have been worth it if he was hung...

5. My sister is pretending to be preggo, just so the guy she's dating doesn't leave her. She wants to fake a miscarriage. I think that's so fucked up. He's really excited too.

4. My step mom is a bitch. I feel really sorry for my dad. She's a lazy whore. I hate hearing them have sex at night. Ugh! It grosses me out!

3. I have no friends anymore, they all smoke and drink too much. I don't do either of those things, so I usually stay home with my dog :) he's my world!

2. I have a crush on my little cousins boyfriend. He's 17 and I'm 21. He's super cute. Id fuck him in a heartbeat! If only I could get him alone!

1. My friend almost died the other night. I watched him and some friends smoke a blunt and 5 minutes later he was having a major asthma attack. He didn't have an inhaler so I watched him and didn't do a thing to help. Not much I could have done, right? He's fine though. Just scared the shit out of me.

0. Bonus*
I had sex with my best friends boyfriend. She doesn't and will never know. I love her but I was curious to see what she was getting every night! It wasn't very big. I kind of regret doing it. I should have just lead him on and touched it...  

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