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Alive and angry

1. my mom and real dad are divorced yet I like my step dad and family. whats wrong then? my mom will stop at nothing to put BOTH  my dads down, it kills me to watch that.
2. mom, i hate you for smoking pot. you think its funny that you inspire my older sister? to put up with the peer pressure? you think it was funny when she had to go to the hopsital for drinking? guess what? I DIDNT.
3. alot of people say that they have nothing to live for. that is never true, ever. i have lost many important things in my life, yet i NEVER lost happiness completely. and they think that it was all gone, truth is, it was just hiding.
4. there is one boy that i really like. whenever i talk to him, i just like him more, he doesnt make me happier, but he makes me feel special. the fear that he doesnt like me doesnt really scare me, the fact that i know he does makes me feel ALIVE.
5.when people call me a bitch? they dont know what their talking about. when people ask about my sister, who is mentally challanged and compain about how annoying she is? she cant help it, she could go any day. and oh yeah, they dont live with her. my biggest secret? i cant stand when people try to act like they KNOW my life.

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: straight

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