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Being strong and responsible sucks sometimes

1)my dad adopted my sister when she was about in 7th grade but raised her from almost birth.
2)she wants her real dad, who is a dead beat, and my dad, the one who adopted her, to both walk her down the isle when she gets married
3)she has been supported more than i ever have been. but she got pregnant at 15 and gave my neice to our cousins for adoption. everyone says they're proud of her for that
4)no one has said they're proud of me for not drinking, not sleeping around or getting pregnant except for my ex when we were dating
5)i'm going into culinary arts. my dad doesn't support my decision and i dont give a crap. he always tells me i dont do enough when he doesn't lift a finger.
(i need a 6) no one in my family on his side gives a shit. i cut, I smoke and i dont care anymore.

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: straight

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