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Damn fattening noodles

-I feel really sad right now just because I made a big mistake by making a fuss about something so small and made it big. Now, he's not talking to me eventhough I already said sorry. Its been 1 week plus and before we talked/texted like, everyday for a few months already. Such a waste. Too bad for him tho'. I'm awesome. Haha.
-So I've decided to lose some weight over my holidays, instead of putting on weight which i always do during the hols. Hmm, Its hard, not eating whenever/whatever I want. And exercise is such a.. ugh. I don't get how some people loves running or jogging? But good for them tho. (Any idea how to stop eating rice and noodles. I'm from asia, and as u may know, its popular. However, its freaking fattening. I heard, if we stop eating rice/noodles altogether, we can lose weight easily. Any idea how to control the urge, k?)
-I hate my.. okay not hate, but strongly dislike my oldest sister. She changed. She's turning into my mom! Getting angry at the littlest Things. Good thing is she's always not home. Sigh, the worst part is, she steals. My money, my moms, my dad, heck, everybody's money.
-You know when people say, chocolate makes everything better. Well for me, music makes everything better. I tell people i hate justin beiber, but really, he's awesome. So young, yet so successful.
-I wish my mom and dad would let me pursue my education in some other country. It sucks here.

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: straight

[I'm not even Asian and I love rice and noodles too, honey. I'm probably also not the best person to be asking because as you may already know, I'm no skinny girl myself. Honestly, I have found that when I want to lose weight nothing works better than feeling good about myself -- I get wrapped up working on my book or the site or any number of other things that I love doing, but which I don't do when I feel like crap about myself. It's almost like I feel like I don't deserve it and instead I lay around watching TV and eating too much garbage. When I feel good and do the things that make me happy, food is the last thing on my mind. So love yourself the way you are and don't let anyone tell you you aren't beautiful -- you are, and you deserve anything you want from life, including a slimmer bod if that's what you really want.

On a slightly more practical note, if you're thinking of cutting carbs in general, I've done that before too and it does make it surprisingly easy to loose weight if you stick with it. The biggest challenge for me was getting past the habit of eating carbs in the first place and finding low carb recipes for stuff I loved.  "500 Low Carb Recipes" by Dana Carpender is a great place to start -- awesome substitutes for everything from pizza to mashed potatoes to - gasp - rice!

Good luck!

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