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A different drummer

1. I'm artsy and different and have beliefs and morals by which I firmly stand and though that's what I love most about me, I fear no one will ever love me because I'm so different.
2. I don't believe in "best" friends anymore. My best friend last no longer talks to me. I knew he was using me to get to a boy he liked, but I didn't care because I was in love with him even though he was gay.
3. I'm terrified of not being accepted into social environments even though I may appear to be antisocial.
4. I know that I can never tell anyone about my emotions in reality because no one wants to hear about them.
5. I have weird eating habits where I'll binge or starve depending on my mood. But it's always an extreme. So I struggle to keep my weight down because I can't handle my emotions.

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: other

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